Ashton Lane

Named after a cobbled backstreet in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, Ashton Lane are a modern country pop band from the U.K.
The band are known for their warm, resonant, and uplifting compositions on albums such as 2015's Nashville Heart and 2018's The In-Between.
Helmed by the husband-and-wife songwriting duo Esther (vocals) and Tim O'Connor (guitar), the couple started the band in the early 2000s and made their appearance on the scene with debut LP Right Here in 2002.
With the addition of Esther's brother on percussion, the ensemble set out to promote the record throughout the U.K. A lengthy period of inactivity followed the tour while the members focused on their personal lives, however Ashton Lane resurfaced in 2011 with sophomore effort Other Side. They went on to release several LPs throughout the following years including 2012's Magic in the Air and 2015's One Kiss Later.
2016 saw the band nominated for both the Best Duo and Best Song Awards at the annual British Country Music ceremony.
They spent 2017 touring extensively throughout Europe as well as putting out their first live album, Live in Denmark. In 2018, Ashton Lane put out a further two records: The In-Between and The Journey.

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