Blackbird is a Dutch, independent artist from Amsterdam, bursting on to the scene with cool and exciting pop sounds. She sings and she writes. With a powerful voice that recalls Nancy Sinatra, the natural-born performer will charm you with sultry songs filled with vintage guitars. Singing stories about freedom, heartbreak, resilience, longing for the unknown. “My songs are about losing your way in life, but never losing hope”. Inspired by 90’s rockin’ powerhouses like Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, and 70’s legends Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac, the singer started writing her first songs on an old acoustic guitar in Berlin, winter 2015. A few of those early writings later became her successful debut EP ‘One Of The Wild Ones’ (with four Dutch radio singles, including Lost In The Middle & The One) in May 2018. That same weekend, she performed them live for the first time at the legendary Pinkpop Festival. Blackbird released her self-titled debut album on March 13, 2020. This included the sassy tune Tell Your Mama and dramatic nostalgic I’m Like You, which both earned her a TopSong (song of the week) at the biggest Dutch radio station: NPO Radio 2. The album also featured a beautiful cinematic collaboration with the Metropole Orkest. After two thriving club tours with her band, being the opening act for musical heroes Sheryl Crow & Beth Hart, there's a new EP (February 2023), including the singles 'Green Lights' & 'Built And Broken'.

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