Bondi Cigars

Shane Pacey - Guitar/Vocals
Alan Britton - Bass/Vocals
Eben Hale - Guitar/Vocals
Frank Corby - Drums/Vocals
When the Bondi Cigars were first gigging around Sydney, late 1989, they moved in a blues/R&B circuit which, while robust enough since the 60s, had then been sparked into new life by the ‘blues revival’ of the mid-80’s, spearheaded by Robert Cray, Joe Louis Walker, Stevie Ray Vaughan and similar crusaders. And while many of the Sydney bands from that era have vanished, become historical footnotes or undergone major changes, the Cigars – true survivors – have battled on, without ever compromising their distinctive no nonsense style, to become a leading force in Australian R&B. That original Cigars line-up brought together four like-minded experienced players, all veterans of Sydney inner-west blues venues, and from the word go, as the 1990 tracks demonstrate, the Cigars have been the very model of the ‘no passengers’ band, a well-oiled machine plus soul: no room for slackers here. Always one of the country’s hardest working outfits (on the road more than off), the Cigars have kept their music tight, hard-driving and down – to – earth: the Australian bar band par excellence. The first 2 Cigars albums had featured the original line-up, but after the departure interstate of Les Karski and Ace Follington, the next CD ‘Got The News’ (appearing under the name Shane Pacey and the Cigars) included hot young Adelaideians Clayton Doley on keyboards and Matt Morrison on drums, both also associated with Robert Suez of Mighty Reapers fame. ‘Got The News’, expertly produced by Sydney funky/soul boss Jackie Orszaczky, and the Cigars sound was further spiced up by the precision horns of Paul Panicci and Andrew Robson. (meer op de website)

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