Victoria Canal


Victoria Canal Tinius, also known as Victoria Canal (born August 11, 1998) is a German-born Spanish-American singer-songwriter. Canal was born in Munich to Gwen Tinius, an architect and artist, and Francisco Canal, a businessman. She was raised a third culture kid, living in Shanghai, Tokyo, Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, and Amsterdam. Her ethnicity is Cuban and American descent, but refers to herself as Spanish-American because Spain is where she was raised most of her life. At a very young age, her grandmother, a piano teacher, introduced her to music. She started taking classical lessons at 6 years old for both piano and voice. When she turned 11, she discovered songwriting after listening to writers like John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw and decided she wanted to be a singer-songwriter. She participated in local and school competitions wherever she could and started booking her own gigs. Her reputation at school was "that singer girl who spends all her time practicing between classes", up to the point that when Victoria moved from Dubai to Barcelona in 2013, she decided to do online school instead to be able to pursue music more professionally. Her inspiration comes from unfamiliar instruments that she doesn't play as well as she does piano, like the bass, loop station, harmonica, etc. Canal was born without her right forearm due to amniotic band syndrome.

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