Primer, from Christchurch New Zealand, are the quintessential indie band. Formed primarily from friendships going as far back as primary school. Primer's music leans towards melodic rock with a hint of that old Christchurch sound. The songs are primarily written around guitar, bass and drums with input from all 4 members of the band. Primer are; Robbie on guitar and vocals, Doug on lead guitar and vocals, Arran on drums (and sometimes backing vocals) and Sander on bass and vocals. Primer have been dabbling together for many years and only recently recorded some of their gems at Nightshift Studios in Christchurch, NZ. The beautiful artwork on the cover of our first EP release "Primer" and what you see here on our profile page is called "Undulant". It is an encaustic painting by local Christchurch artist Sandy Gottermeyer. Thank you Sandy.
Band Members
Robster - Guitar
Ddub - Guitar
A - Drums
Buzzy - Bass
The lost songs: Music by RobbieV, DougW, SanderC and ArranG. Words by RobbieV, DougW (Sleep) and SanderC (Talk About This and Millennium). Recorded and engineered at Nightshift Studios by Arnie Van Bussel, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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