The Editors of Life

We started as two teen mokes at a college with a then-state-of-the-art 24-track tape studio in 1985. Our duo-ness arose from the need to do most stuff ourselves, even if we couldn't, because we'd book the studio at odd hours in the middle of the night which suited us better, but precluded getting many guests or real musicians in. Much of our stuff from '85-'89 is represented in our tunes as you get further down the list (if it wasn't obvious by the quality difference!) We played our only show together as a project in '89, and have been collaborating (much of it via web) ever since. We can do a million things a million times better with the "home-based" PC studios we both have now than we could ever do then ("'copy/paste'?! Well, get out the razor and the tape-glue and let's spend days indiscriminately ruining a $100 reel of tape...")
n our music, you'll hopefully find everything -- rock, orchestral, trip-hop, spacey/ambient, whatever -- most times all in one tune!! Mwah-ha-ha.... We follow no labels, guidelines, trends -- we write what we feel at any given moment; industrial one moment, folk the next. You might hear smatterings of Floyd/Waters/Gilmour, a touch of Mike Nesmith, some Metheny, maybe even some Vangelis or 80's pop, classic rock, sheer noise, Air, Terje Rypdal, and if you really stretch in order to make us seem more relevant to the times, maybe some of The Shins, Sigur Ros, etc. Basically anything that makes a noise can inspire us.
Matt Scott, Lombard, IL USA

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