Sculptures Of Sound

Sculptures Of Sound got their start from the fortuitous meeting between Mike Oz and Troy Ples in 2001 after Oz moved his studio and first finished album BLESS in Toronto with life long comrade guitarist Alex Hugo from Rome, Italy. With Dean Jarvis (Nelly Furtado) as music director they forged FROM OTHER PLANES. This synergy gave the band a new ingenious multi purpose unit as composition and engineering were clear addendum's to this songwriting powerhouse. As destiny would have had it, when Alex left the band in 2008, Troy recruited long time friend and former band mate guitarist/bassist Mark Schaper who had just got off tour with SUM 41 as guitar tech. Jeff Zurba, head of Steve's Music drum dept. and accomplished drummer, had been playing with Mark for more than a decade and this most outrageous rhythm section had by then become all too obvious. When all four boys kicked it off it was pure magic. The dynamics of this band fly off the charts. Oz's compelling and timely subversive vocals soar to sweet lilting transitions as his Morrisson-like growls echo across stage with a lyrical crooning not unlike a new Eddie Vedder. Troy's work with the likes of Roy Young and J.D. Fortune as both guitarist and engineer show this rocker's fine tuned ears and nimble fingers. The love of Led Zeppelin and STP in this band is really quite profound and one can clearly hear why Zurba and Schaper have been surnamed the next Bonzo and Jones duo. Approached by famed producer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Thornley, Metric) they began forging their first EP. UNDER THE HEEL. S.O.S. is currently producing their full length album with Gavin and will be hitting the stage this summer.

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