The exact date on which the band was started is difficult to trace but it was somewhere in 1975. Initially a three-man-band, Jos (lead-guitar), Paul (drums) and Ernest (bass) played covers of Steely Dan, Eagles, Peter Frampton Moody Blues and so on. Soon they discovered their real musical interest was symphonic rock and they decided to concentrate on self-composed songs. It was about this time the band chose the name Saga. Early recordings made in Butcher Alley Studio (although still without keyboards) really started to expose the bands symphonic sound. Then already Jos proved to be the most productive composer although Ernest and later keyboard player Guido also contributed to Saga’s set list. Guido joined the group to fill in the need for keyboards. Starting with a very basic Philicorda organ and some time later an Arp Axxe the group worked hard to develop its own distinctive sound which can still be recognized even in the most recent of recordings. Original members: Jos Wernars, Ernest Wernars en Paul van Velzen. Voor meer over Us, zie de website .

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