Written Years

 "I wish I could find life inside the fire / I wish I could sing, though my voice has died" - The first two lines heard on Written Years’ second full length record, due for release Spring 2018. In the three-year transitional period following their dark-horse debut, independent members of the band experienced personal hardships that would then trouble the recording of their new material. Off the cuff of that album’s excitement, the Vancouver-based quartet (composed of primary songwriter, Wade Ouellet, along with Kane Enders, Brian Dyck, and Alex Richardson) was quick to pursue a set of songs they had readied for a follow-up release - before a complete deadlock halted its completion. Ouellet experienced a sudden and unexplained speech loss – causing him to refrain from speaking in near-isolation for months. What started with a thought-to-be-near-finished record, turned into many insomnia-driven nights and a lyrical blueprint resembling a Brooklyn detective’s office. During this time, both Richardson and Enders experienced sudden and dramatic losses of immediate family members, further provoking them to re-asses the previous material. After a period to re-surface, Ouellet began to court the other members in reconstructing, what had originally been, a set of coming-of-age stories into something entirely different. The result, which found much more desperation and black humor in the content, explores the darker corners of suburbia, infatuation, and forbidden love - delivered through a provocative wine-soaked rally cry. The band describes this, in contrast with their own late night fluorescent backdrop, as music for “the 2am comedown”. Lost In You Now, Written Years’ latest single and follow up release, shows an undeniable fire in four people resisting the impact of a lawless and uncertain period. The song (and 2018 full-length) was produced and mixed by the Vancouver’s own Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said The Whale) and was co-produced by the band. Lost In You Now will be available through all digital outlets and streaming services on Friday, December 8th. Members: Wade Ouellet - Vocals, Kane Enders - Drums, Brian Dyck - Bass, Alex Richardson - Guitar.

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